Bespoke is...

A software that takes a person's measurements in a single photo

The Technology

Our goal is to offer consumers the best experience possible while shopping online for clothes. In order to achieve this, we are looking for brand partnerships to offer the easiest and the most accurate sizing recommendations.

Bespoke takes its users measurements in a single photo and it will find the right size for every purchase. It is available in the form of a mobile application and an API. Clothing companies will be able to include the Bespoke API directly on their website.

Users will then take a single photo of themselves on the company's website and Bespoke will analyze it to provide the necessary measurements in order to give accurate sizing recommendations. Once a person has taken their measurements, they will be able to get sizing recommendations from every brand partnering with Bespoke simply by logging in with their email address.

Using ARKit and internal AR development, Bespoke is able to precisely calculate the measurements necessary for clothes sizing in a fraction of a second. Instantly, the measurements data created in the API is transferred to clothing companies. This way, it will be easy to compare a person's measurements to clothing items in order to provide accurate sizing recommendations.

Our Impact

Bespoke will greatly reduce the number of returns for clothing companies by eliminating the problem of sizing associated with the purchase of clothes online. Knowing that close to 40% of online orders are returned1, Bespoke has the potential to create substantial savings for companies in the clothing industry.

A great illustration of this problem is the CEO of ASOS stating that a fall of only 1% in returns would immediately add $16 million to the company's bottom line2.

Bespoke can bring a new customer base to clothing companies that sell online because previously hesitant consumers wouldn't have to worry about sizing anymore. In addition, free returns make 54% of consumers more likely to shop online3. With Bespoke, companies will be able to offer this crucial service at a fraction of the usual cost since their returns will decrease significantly.

The decrease in returns will also create a decrease in transportation. This will allow companies to have a less important impact on the environment. Transportation being a leading cause of environmental problems, even a slight decrease in returns globally will have tremendous effects on our planet.

1(, February 27th 2019,

Potential Savings

In the clothing industry, one of the driving factors of returns is sizing problems. Even so that sizing is responsible for 58% of all returns1. Knowing this and the fact that clothing companies selling online lose 33% of their revenues because of this problem2:

40% Decrease

Sizing-related returns because of Bespoke


7.7% Increase

Revenues for clothing companies

US$ 7.20 Billion

Bespoke's Market Size


Who We Are


We want to improve the consumer experience when shopping online for clothes by making it simple to find the right size.


Bespoke will strive to become the global standard in sizing recommendations. We want to be a technology trusted by all clothing brands to deliver these accurate recommendations. Bespoke will also make sure to provide its technology to any organization needing accurate measurements of a person, whatever the field.

The Team

Charles Blais-Fortin

CEO and Co-Founder of Bespoke

Philip Becker

CTO and Co-Founder of Bespoke



Bespoke Technologies